Digitalization and Automation Diagnostics

Industry digitalization and automation diagnostics is a study by an expert team that prepares a very detailed plan with exact costs based on offers taken by the expert and calculated savings and feasiblity times for the automation and digitalization of a company.

In Estonia it is supported by Enterprise Estonia by up to 70% (for a company with a turnover above 5 million euros up to 15 000 €). To get this support, it is sufficient if the company selects a suitable company to carry it through and submits the price offer with the team references to EAS. For support 4.2 million euros is available till the end of 2020. The review of the report by a competent expert is arranged by Enterprise Estonia. For companies that have carried through the audit, state support for investments in Estonia is expected be available for up to 50% and 200 000 € per project from June 2019.

Our experts

Joonas Laasberg is a project manager and production management expert with diverse and international work experience. He has graduated from Tallinn University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in product development and production engineering and a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management. He has also attended various advanced training courses at Lean and Six Sigma. He has worked in the furniture industry for 5 years and in the electronics industry for 4 years and has also been in contact with the metal industry. He is currently a product development project manager for both software and hardware development at an international electronics group. Joonas Laasberg has been involved in the implementation of production management software, digitalization of production information, standardization of machine tools and optimization of work processes as well as development of employee motivation systems.

Henri Toivar is an expert on digitization. As a technical manager of Elevate OÜ, a software development company, he has developed various ERP, CRM, bank payment, customer recognition (KYC) and other customization solutions for clients. In 2016, he managed the development of Tolkify, a Danish translation services platform, of which he is a board member. Previously, he worked as a web developer at Mikare Baltic OÜ and developed various ERP, CRM software projects. Graduate of Tallinn University of Technology, Business Information Technology.

Kristen Altof is a project manager and chemical and technology expert. He has worked as the head of the technical engineering department of Estover Piimatööstus OÜ for 2 years and organized the automation of the factory. Kristen has also worked as the project manager of Buschen Industrial Services Baltikum OÜ for 3 years, where he led various industrial waste treatment solutions projects in Estonia, Germany, and Poland. He has developed simulation software at Vectronic Aerospace and developed and tested the subsystem in the EstCube project. Graduated from Berlin University of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Chemical and Environmental Technology from Tallinn University of Technology.

Leo Rummel is an authorized Thermal Engineer and certified Energy Efficiency Expert. He founded the engineering consulting firm Energex Energy Experts in 2016. He has been a leading expert in 45 industrial companies’ energy and resource audits and 7 energy audits. He has also assisted industrial companies in applying for investment grants and in procurement. Before founding Energex Energy Experts, Leo worked in various positions at Eesti Energia for 7 years. Also, he is a doctoral student in oil shale technology at Tallinn University of Technology, vice chairman of the Estonian Society of Thermal Engineering and member of the board of the Estonian Association of Engineers.

Timmu Tollimägi is an expert in mechatronics and robotics. He has experience in preparing and conducting procurement for industrial robotization and automation. He has also developed various robots as a development team leader. Graduated from Tallinn Technical University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics.

Tanel Rooba is an expert in electricity and digitalization. He has experience in performing industrial energy and resource audits.

Our clients

Reideni Plaat AS
Kunda Nordic Tsement AS
L-Uks AS