Do No Significant Harm (DNSH)

The EU supports investments the support the green transition, i.e., investments that contribute to the EU’s environmental objectives and have a positive environmental impact. The Do No Significant Harm (DNSH) assessment identifies the investments impact to:

  • climate change mitigation,
  • climate change adaptation,
  • sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources,
  • the circular economy,
  • pollution prevention and control,
  • protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.

An investment activity could contribute to only one of these environmental goals, but it must not happen at the expense of any other goal. In other words, no significant harm must be done by achieving any other environmental goal. In addition, it must be considered, that the impact of the investment is not isolated to the investment itself. It is evaluated based on the absolute impact of the entire business.

Energex Energy Experts have already completed 18 DNSH assessments as a part of green transition investments being financed under the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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