Rental of measurement equipment

We offer rental of different measuring devices and loggers.

To rent a device and to get an offer, please write at info[@] or call +372 5197 7039.

Measuring devices

DEM900 multifunctional measuring device

FLIR E40 thermal camera

Netamo climate loggers

Decibel meter: 35 ~ 130 dB
Lux-meter: 0 ~ 200 K lux
Anemometer: 0,5 ~ 30 m/s
Thermometer: -40 ~ 70 °C
Hygrometer: 10 ~ 95%RH

Temperature range:

CO2 sensor
5 main modules
20 additional modules

Testo T320 gas meter

Trotec BZ30 CO2 meter

Honeywell QMR700 meter

Measurements of gas leaks
Measurements of CO2
Measurements of CO

CO2 sensor

Modular data logger with 8 plug input spots