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With us, you’ll find the most suitable grant measure for your projects, where we manage all processes from application to reporting. We will keep you updated on new grant measures.


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Description of the service

Our experience

Our experience

Our team has a broad experience in different projects and grant measures. Over the past 8 years, we have applied for grants from various grant measures and secured co-financing of over €40 million. By trusting us with the whole application process, you significantly increase the likelihood of receiving a grant, saving you time and other resources.

What does our process look like?

What does our process look like?

We provide you with a complete solution, from the preparation of the documents required for the application to the procurement process.

  • We are familiar with a wide range of open and planned national grant measures and can help you find the optimal funding source for your project.
  • We prepare all the materials and documents needed for the application, including financial projections, other analyses and project plans.
  • We will manage the whole application process on your behalf and try to minimize your time.
  • We will keep in constant contact with the implementing bodies and ministries and keep you informed of all developments.
  • In addition to the listed activities, the content of grant applications also includes other accompanying activities that are necessary to achieve the purpose of the grant application and are inherent to the work.
  • Once the grant has been awarded, we will also take care of the purchasing or procurement process and the associated reporting, ensuring that the grant is paid in full. In this way, we avoid corrections.
  • In the future, we will also keep you informed of any new grant measures that may be suitable for you.

What is our competitive advantage?

What is our competitive advantage?

Energex’s greatest strength compared to its competitors is the strong technical competence of its grant application experts, which:

  • Ensures a thorough understanding of the project for which a grant is applied for.
  • Reduces the client’s own effort to contribute to the grant application.
  • Reduces the time needed for the application.
  • Increases the likelihood of getting a grant!

How does our ideal process look like?

How does our ideal process look like?

Our goal is to minimize the time our clients spend applying for grants and allow them to get on with their main job, so we expect our client to:

  1. Sign the contract and pay the invoices.
  2. Reply to our request for information.
  3. Find the funds to carry out the investment.

Our clients

More than 250 organizations from the private and public sectors have worked with Energex.

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Food industry

Metal industry

Printing industry

Plastic industry

Chemical industry

Paper industry

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