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The roadmap to digitalization enables an industrial company to achieve added value and apply for grants of up to €300,000 for automation and digitalization projects.

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roadmaps to digitalization


average number of measures in the roadmap


average increase in added value calculated by sales revenue

1,6 years

median payback time of projects with grants

Description of the service

What is a roadmap to digitization?

What is a roadmap to digitization?

The goal of the roadmap is to encourage businesses to join the industrial revolution 4.0 and thereby secure their competitiveness in a rapidly changing world. The roadmap will help companies to move steadily towards the implementation of value-adding digital solutions.

The goal of the roadmap is to map, in cooperation with the company’s employees, the biggest challenges in the company’s operations, for which our experts will develop possible solutions. In recommending solutions, we can rely on the broad experience of our experts in a wide range of sectors. The result of this will be a roadmap for the next three years, which will guide the company in increasing its level of automation and digitalization.

Stages of the roadmap to digitalization

Stages of the roadmap to digitalization

The roadmap to digitalization includes the following steps:

  • meeting with the customer to provide an overview of the company’s processes;
  • mapping of the company’s business model, supply chain, processes and digitalization;
  • calculation of the company’s added value and comparison with the sector;
  • mapping of identified weaknesses or inefficiencies compared to the sector;
  • coordination of the weaknesses with the client;
  • finding possible solutions to address weaknesses;
  • for the most significant weaknesses, a more precise assessment of the cost of the activities, the payback period and the impact on the economic performance of the company;
  • assessing the level of digitalization and making recommendations to improve it;
  • preparation of a risk analysis;
  • completing an indicative timetable (roadmap of activities).

Our experience

Our experience

The roadmap is prepared by an independent team whose first priority is to find the solution to the client needs. The team has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the various areas required to carry out digitalization and automatization.

What are the possibilities to apply for a grant?

What are the possibilities to apply for a grant?

Energex will ensure that the roadmap created meets the requirements of the regulations and is eligible for grant.

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Companies with more than 250 employees worldwide, plus those with a turnover of more than €50 million and a balance sheet total of more than €43 million, are required by law to have an energy audit every 4 years. Click on the icon to read more.

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