We will ensure that the procurement, receiving and reporting of the supported investment follows the general principles of the Public Procurement Acts and the rules of the structural units.



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Our experience

Our experience

The Energex team includes procurement specialists, a procurement lawyer and engineers from various fields who can help with procurement.

We recommend that all our clients advertise their procurements on the Public Procurement Register, as a transparent procurement ensures fair competition and meets the grants purchasing requirements. It also reduces the time taken for procurement and speeds up the grant processes.

How does the procurement process look like?

How does the procurement process look like?

Generally, all major projects supported by the structural funds (PRIA, KIK, EAS, RTK) have to launch a public procurement procedure to carry out the investment. Most of the corrections are due to incorrectly organized procurement procedures! If the investment involves a grant, it is generally required that the procurement is carried out in accordance with the general principles of §3 of the Public Procurement Act.

We take care of the entire procurement process, from the drafting of the terms of reference and the procurement documents to the communication with the suppliers and the preparation of the contract. We work in your interest until the work is accepted, and longer if necessary.

  • We do the groundwork to identify the exact needs of your business;
  • We draw up the procurement documents, including the technical specifications for the equipment;
  • We communicate with bidders, resolve ongoing concerns and questions;
  • Make changes to the procurement documents based on feedback from bidders and the client;
  • Negotiate with tenderers where necessary;
  • Thoroughly check the bids;
  • Evaluate the bids received and draw up a ranking list on the basis of the evaluation criteria;
  • Announce the winner;
  • We draft or check the contract to ensure that it is in accordance with the procurement document;
  • We submit the procurement report, in the case of a grant, to the structural unit (EAS, KIK, PRIA, RTK);
  • In the case of a grant, we answer the questions of the structural units regarding the procurement.

Our competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage

Our advantage is that we are not an agent for any product or service – we can guarantee neutrality and get the right technical solutions for your business.

Our clients

More than 250 organizations from the private and public sectors have worked with Energex.

Wood industry

Food industry

Metal industry

Printing industry

Plastic industry

Chemical industry

Paper industry

Furniture industry

Mining industry




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