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Before starting your project, we will discuss the options available on the market and find the best solution for your needs. To date, we have worked with more than 250 private and public sector organizations.



Energy and resource audit

With the energy and resource audit, we enable industrial companies to apply for grants of up to €1 million to optimize energy saving and resource use.
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Large enterprise energy audit

For large enterprises, we offer an energy audit at a 4-year interval, as required by law, which includes energy use development scenarios verified by the Technical Regulatory Authority.
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Green audit

A green audit evaluates the green performance of an industrial company's production process and draws up a roadmap of priority actions for the transition to a circular economy, supported with up to €200 000.
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Roadmap to digitalization

The roadmap to digitalization enables an industrial company to achieve added value and apply for grants of up to €300,000 for automation and digitalization projects.
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Applying for grants

With us, you'll find the most suitable grant measure for your projects, where we manage all processes from application to reporting. We will keep you updated on new grant measures.
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DNSH or “do no significant harm” analysis

The impact assessment identifies that the activity of the investment would contribute to the environmental goals, but would not undermine other environmental goals.
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We will ensure that the procurement, receiving and reporting of the supported investment follows the general principles of the Public Procurement Acts and the rules of the structural units.
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We carry out development- and research work to help address complex issues and develop sustainable solutions that help achieve goals in an ever-changing environment.
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Development plans and strategies

We draw up a roadmap of desired development opportunities and technical feasibility to help decide whether and how it is most practical and sustainable to proceed.
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We will analyse the activities of local businesses, focusing on their environmental impact and sustainability, and examine the social and governance impacts of their investments, thereby ensuring that their activities have wider benefits for all stakeholders.
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More than 250 organizations from the private and public sectors have worked with Energex.

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